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Complete Six Steps to Wellness

Complete Six Steps to Wellness

Complete Six Steps to Wellness

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The Complete Six Steps to Wellness includes 4 Disc of information to help you implement the Six Steps of Wellness into your practice. With updated protocols, this information will show you the latest techniques and products.

Disc 1: Dr. John Brimhall Covers the Steps of Structure and Electrical Pollution

Disc 2: Dr. John Brimhall Covers the Steps of Nutrition, Allergies and Sensitivities, Emotions and Toxins.

Disc 3: Dr. Brett Brimhall demonstrates and discusses advanced laser protocol. Dr. Bruce Carrick demonstrates the PEMF unit and it's uses.  Brandy Brimhall with TPR Resources discusses the implementation of the Six Steps into your office.  Carey Osenbau discusses how to develop a virtual marketing plan for your practice.

Disc 4: Dr. Curtis Turchin demonstrates the uses and his experience and success with the LZR7 4 Watt Laser.  

Price: $250.00 


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